Transportation and Warehousing Company

Warehousing & Storage

Our premises extend to 10 acres of transport yard including over 50,000 sq. ft. of warehousing. On which we can offer a very wide range of warehousing & storage services. From long term contracts on a dedicated or shared user basis to spot storage of one part pallet for one day. Food stuffs to abnormal loads.

Heated & Insulated Warehousing

To cope with a very wide range of goods, several types of warehouse are available. Ambient temperature, insulated and also heated & insulated.

Food Grade Warehousing

We currently have two warehouses kept to food standard, one on a contract basis, the other on a shared user basis.

Large volume pallet storage

We are able to accommodate 1000+ pallet contracts for unique identifiable pick pallets in pallet racking or bulk stack on a FILO (first in last out) FIFO (first in first out) stock rotation basis.

Spot storage

We understand that not all customers needs are so great, and we welcome your small & medium storage requirements as well. Perhaps receive full or part loads direct from your suppliers, with call off of part & full pallets as required.

Pallet Racking or Bulk Stack

However many pallets we store for you, they can be stored either in pallet racking or floor stacked.

Abnormal Loads and Machinery

Not all the items we store are palletised. We can store engineering machinery, production machine tools. Anything that can be transported we can store, we have even stored a 34 meter long overhead traveling crane weighing over 30 tonnes.